How do states organize themselves to maintain peace

Photo how do states organize themselves to maintain peace

For peace to be present, states all over the world have established international organization to make sure that wars do not happen and to maintain order. The states have their strategies and organizations for that to be possible.You can visit this site about Peace and the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat 

It is quite obvious how difficult it is to maintain peace despite all the efforts that are being made. It's important to notice that peace is maintained not only by organizations but also by each nation's willingness to do so. The union of those states organizing and planning together about the future and establishing some rules is one way to achieve peace through the following steps:

How do states organize themselves to maintain peace?

Establishing international adjudication

In order to maintain this peace, the law on disarmament is important and this must be included in international regulations. International adjudication includes diplomacy. There are different agreement to take the form of Charts and Conventions between states. They are useful for countries to mark the actions and freedom that every country has on each territory.

Actually, the territory is limited by land territory, marine territory (for some countries) and air territory. Whether inside or outside the country, each government should respect those settlements in order to maintain peace not only between national organizations but also to promote diplomacy and strengthen the relationship between countries.

However, peace and security can no longer be limited to relations between states, as was the case until the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s

Creating nternational regulator organ

In 1964, at the end of The Second World War, the countries which won the War created the United Nations. This organization has been created to maintain peace but it does not always manage to fulfill its mission. There are wars that it has not been able to resolve.

Then there are other wars where some countries have intervened in its place. Despite the fact that there are many organizations which pursue and try to fight against wars, that is not enough to maintain peace. The reason is that peace is not only the absence of wars; it goes much deeper and involves more commitment.

Establishing a Peace Forum

Each year, since 2018, a Peace Forum takes place in Paris. The Forum brings together Heads of State and Government, national and local representatives, representatives of international organizations and civil society actors like NGOs, private companies, trade unions, think tanks, experts, journalists, media, in order to examine in depth the main global challenges and to develop practical solutions.

The Forum is aiming to celebrate the Armistice Century and to "think about and propose concrete initiatives, reinvent multilateralism and every collaborative form", as the French President, Emmanuel Macron said.

Annual Summit

Each year, the United States gathers 193 states every year to discuss international issues as climate change, Sustainable Development goals,… Each year, every talk revolves around environment and development. Nations participate to talk about causes, consequences and possible ways to resolve issues. Since 1992, the Summit of the World in Rio de Janeiro, the United States organizes this Summit while government presents a result of each progress for the development.

In 2005, the United Nations Summit elaborated Global Development Goals which turned into Sustainable Development Goals. We have seen how states organize themselves to maintain peace. Actually, maintaining peace is rather difficult despite some measures that have been taken; still it is doable.