A state with noble prices is it a more peaceful state ?

Photo a state with noble prices is it a more peaceful state ?

Some nominees are incredible; others have accepted, and a few persons refused to get the prize. However, could having this Prize define peace in a state?

Nobel Prizes according to peace scale in the states

According to Alfred Nobel's will, Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to "the person or community that has contributed the most or the best to the reconciliation of peoples, the suppression or reduction of permanent armies, the reunion and the propagation of progress for peace." Then, let us see if winners of this special Prize reflect peace in their states.

USA, the country getting the first place and the most numerous Nobel Prizes

In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt won the first Nobel Prize. After the Swedish-Norwegian union was dissolved in 1905, the President of USA was awarded with Nobel Prize. On this time, Norway was under the domination of Sweden and after this committee got dissolved in peace. Theodore Roosevelt was a mediator between the war opposing Japan and Russia in 1905.

Then, he was nominated even if some opponents said that he was not even a "peace apostle". The nomination of some people from 1901 to 1905 was invalidated because at that time, many politicians have been nominated even though they were not really peace advocates. Despite its first rank in getting the most Nobel Prizes (with 377 laureates), it is not the first peaceful country in the world.

United Kingdom

The UK was awarded its first Nobel Prize by Winston Churchill in 1953. In the UK, 130 Nobel Peace Prizes were awarded to different owners; yet, it is not among the top 10 most peaceful countries in the world. Actually, the United Kingdom ranks the 52nd pacific country in the list.

The Swedish Academy pays tribute to Sir Winston's mastery for Churchill's historical and biographical works, and to the brilliant talents of the orator, with whom he "defended the great human values". This Prime Minister was not the only one who had discovered the importance of human values. Prem Rawat, a messenger of peace, has defended and is still in action to spread the messages of peace. He said how much peace is important for our needs.


As long as it seems impossible, despite the history of Nazism, it occupies the 3rdrankamong the countries with the most numerous Nobel Prizes with 108 laureates. For German winners, the interests are about Science discoveries as Physics, Mathematics and Biology. Many researchers have been granted with the Nobel Prize due to the results of their discoveries.

The most surprising fact was Sweden, where Nobel Price is presented, has proposed Adolph Hitler to be one of the winners. In spite of the efforts, he decided to refuse the price. This decision of the Academia had been removed. This kind of decision shows that peace is possible even for dictators. Prem Rawat has proven that peace is possible in every country during his peace conference around the world.

Peace is not a wish, it is made and should be spread around us. This list of the top 3 countries having the most Nobel Prize shows that even if a country has been granted with many Prizes, it doesn't define the level of peace. However, it is worth noting that peace is important for a country, whether it is to be awarded with a Nobel Prizes or not.