The 3 global organizations that help to regulate peace

Photo The 3 global organizations that help to regulate peace

Maintaining peace and preventing conflicts are part of the responsibility for each government. However, regulating peace around the world is an international issue. Despite the fact that peace is an individual matter, the effects of its presence or absence can be felt internationally. Therefore, some organizations help to keep peace and prevent conflict at global level.

The 3 global organizations that help to regulate peace

1- The Security Council

This organization belongs to the United Nations. It takes the necessary measures to regulate peace. Actually, it is responsible for maintaining peace, to fight for peace and to qualify some actions as anti-peace (aggression or threat). In the case where some actions are suspected of threatening peace, it can have the prerogatives to settle that peacefully. It means that the Council should settle it with the objective to maintain peace, take some measures to adjust that in terms of the settlement.

It is also in charge to reinforce measures to regulate international peace and security. When some countries violate some law and settlements, the Security Council can take measures from economic one to military action. The other roles of Security Council are to establish strategies in Peacekeeping Operations and for the Special Political Missions in line with peace.

2- The Alliance for Peacebuilding

As its name suggests, this organization works to maintain peace not only to reduce violence and try to end conflict but also to take measures for sustainable peace. It has more than a hundred organizations in 13 countries which work for peace. As an organization, a global organization, it takes members by their qualifications to work for maintaining and regulating peace. Actually, its member states are developed countries.

By this way, economic aspect will not have effects because powerful countries and powerful decision makers are included in it. Even if the organization has great nations as members, their vision is for each person to "feel secure, dignified and included". It means that it takes care about everyone's security, to protect their rights and develop their dignity, neither let anyone destroy it nor trample it by preventing humiliation, slander and unfair legal action that could affect the safety of the person.

Prem Rawat, a messenger of peace, has been right to argue that peace is a need for us. Actually, some organizations such as the Alliance for Peacebuilding is working for individual peace but as the individuals in a given state makes a whole nation, therefore, in the end it will be national and finally international peace.

3- Global partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict

This organization regroups hundreds of civil society organizations around the world. Its role is to prevent conflict, more precisely armed conflict, and to maintain peace by the action of the peace building. Having many ideas of peace, it organizes each time Conference or Forum while the theme is focused on the world peace issues.

It involves many fields of organization as in Justice, or in education to spread peace education, human security, or in gender, in youth empowerment, dialogue and try to sensitize people to follow and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Even if GPPAC has many and different civil societies, it doesn't take for granted peacebuilding. It has strategic plan for each activity. It's important for this organization to promote individual and global peace.

Prem Rawat even said that "The peace should concern each other. [..] When people have peace, the world will be in peace." Though trying to maintain peace is difficult, it is not impossible. Many organizations are working to regulate it. It is important to note that it is necessary to prevent conflict and keep countries in peace.